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Search Engine Optimization

The goal of search engine optimization is to increase the visitor traffic to your web site. But any visitor is not good enough for your business. You need targeted audience - visitors who are interested in products or services your company offers. To reach this objective your site needs to place in top results of major search engines for the right search keywords and phrases that reflect your offerings.

Many things influence the search engines to display your site in top positions. Therefore, search engine optimization requires multidimensional approach. Just adding the keywords and description in META tags and submitting your web site to major search engines will not do the trick. Some of the important steps that need to take place to become the leading website in your industry even before submitting to search engines are: research competition, analyze and properly write the content, create search engine friendly META tags, exchange links with other sites, etc. After the submission you have to analyze the results and adjust to reach the ultimate goal - better keyword ranking in all major search engines.

We have extensive experience in search engine optimization and submission. We apply multiple marketing and promotion methodologies to place your website in the search engines top ranking for relevant searches, beating the competition.

Optimizing a website is tedious and precise work. Our SEO specialists will prepare your site for submission and suggest changes that need to take place to achieve the best results.

The following is the process that has been proven to be the most effective in reaching top ranking:

Stage 1 - Analysis

  • Analysis of traffic sources and popularity
  • Analysis of the content, landing pages, etc.
  • Analysis of visitor trends, bounce rate, page views, etc.

Stage 2 - Execution

  • Building the keywords core
  • Development of lending pages
  • Suggested correction of content
  • Insertion of proper meta tags and creation of sitemaps
  • Search engine and directory registration

Stage 4 - Support

  • Ongoing traffic and keywords management

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

Once your website is search engine friendly you can boost the incoming traffic by setting up PPC campaigns with such systems as Google AdWards, Overture, E-Spotting, FindWhat, MSN. If you run a world wide business, you can also utilize the local systems like Begun and Yandex in Russia, XXX and YYY in China and many others.

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Why Choose the Best?

RooSoft Consulting is dedicated to providing excellence in IT project management and outsourcing, Website development and website promotion. We pride ourselves on being able to take care of any IT needs your company may have. We are a goal oriented team of professionals. Our goal is to give your business what it needs to prosper.

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