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Quality hosting on fast secure servers backed by a knowledgeable and friendly support team. We guarantee that we have the highest quality of service and support.

We provide reliable web hosting services for any business application: website hosting, e-commerce hosting, video hosting, audio and video streaming, server co-location, etc.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates enable you to activate the security capabilities of your web server, mail server or SSL VPN. Once activated the server will secure transactions or data communication over the web, ensuring your customers gain the highest level of confidence in your site and organization.

Credit Card Processing

Are you looking to sell something through the Internet? Are you not sure the investment will cover your expenses? RooSoft has a solution for you! Our service is affordable. There are no setup fees and no monthly fees. If and only if you have a successful transaction and payment processed through your website through the sale of your product will you pay a percentage from transaction. If there is no Sale then there is no charge to you.

Our Credit Card Terminal services allow you to start your online business without spending your money monthly. Try selling your product on-line, make sure it works and pay only if you succeed!

Why Choose the Best?

RooSoft Consulting is dedicated to providing excellence in IT project management and outsourcing, Website development and website promotion. We pride ourselves on being able to take care of any IT needs your company may have. We are a goal oriented team of professionals. Our goal is to give your business what it needs to prosper.

Contact us

Canada: +1.416.721.4260
Europe: +7.906.047.4124

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