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Turn Key Solution

Choosing and Registering Domain

Domain name is a very important peace in having a successful website. It must be easy to remember as well as friendly to search engines. The easiest route is when you want to name your website as your company and your domain name is free. But often either domain with your name is registered or your company name is too long for a domain be meaning full and easy to remember.

We help you to solve this important first step is succeeding on the Internet. Years of experience allows us to quickly pin point a domain name for you that will be an setting stone for your online business success.

Website Design

If it were to us we would through out 90% of all website on the Web into a garbage bin, through that bin into a car trunk and take it out to the most excluded dumpster there is. That's how much we dislike the buy-cheap-template sites, the forward-user-to-a-money-paying-affiliate-add-no-value pages, make-google-happy-useless-for-real-person and make-yourself-make-people-vomit sites and so on.

We feel that each website like a real person, must have its own original unrepeatable touch to it. That is why we take pride in our team of designers that create stunning original websites every time. Moreover, our designers specialize in different segments. For example, if you need a website for a medical business, be it a dentist office or a massage and spa salon, we won't assign you a designer who's done nothing but rock band and music sites, or designer who's specialty is financial and banking industry. All designers may think alike, but execute completely differently.

We guarantee an original, never seen anywhere design for your website that answers not only to your personal ideas, likes and dislikes, but actually works for your business and your customers.

Programming / Content Management System

Once you happy with your design, we offer you several options on making that website go life.

No CMS - No Hustle

We often are asked to build a website that's lifecycle is one or two months long. These are called promo websites. Let's say a company (bank, insurance, beer, car manufacturer, etc.) has a special season promotion and they've planed an advertisement campaign. Part of the budget of which is set for Internet: colorful banners, Google ads, etc. For this they decide to build a promotional website that's only purpose is to make the potential clients coming in of those banners and other Internet ads excited about the promotion. Nothing will ever change on that website, moreover, it will fall into the darkness of history as soon as the campaign expires. So what's the point of having a CMS? None!

Free Public CMS

There are several free CMS systems that are available out there. They are fairly easy to put together and they are relatively intuitive to administer. We can set it up for you no problem. We use Bitrix, WordPress, Jomala, but our technical expertise allows us to set up websites on any CMS of your choice.

Custom Content Management System

We have developed a proprietary custom Content Management System that we adjust to your particular need and needs of your business. This is a little bit more expensive than other options, but it's the most flexible for you. You can actually tell us how you want the site administration process to work. And we will do it your way. Of course, we always tell you what are the best practices, and what processes work better.

We also specialize in building complex web applications that allow you to run a sophisticated online business. Be it an online store with electronic payments by credit cards and PayPal, an interactive client data driven application, a lead management system or any other system that you your business may need. We will leverage the business process systems you already have like CRM, LMS, and others to coexist with your new website. We develop web applications to run on WebSphere and WebLogic application servers written in Java, .Net applications in C# and ASP.Net to run on a Windows server and PHP application to run on any Unix or Linux server.

Your Original Administration System

Some times a client comes in with an old website begging for a complete makeover. However, as a not technical he or she has a hard time learning new processes related to computers. And often what we hear is: "We are ok with our administration system. Can we use it with our new website?" The answer to that is not always a YES, since often old systems just aren't meant to integrate with other designs and scale for new functionality. However, our technical expertise allows us to maximize on what you had before, if and only if you are really attached to it. But remember change is everything.

Hosting Website

As years go buy we see hundreds if not thousands of companies become hosting companies and prices for this service dropping drastically. However, what you need to watch out for is the quality of service, technical expertise of personnel and feature reach packages. We us you don't need to worry about any of that we guarantee a great reliable provider no matter where you are. And as our Special offer says, your first year is completely FREE!

Traffic Monitoring and Management

Once your site is up and running and the traffic is flowing you'll want to know who are those curious people visiting your site every other day. We'll set up for you an account with a great traffic management tool called Google Analytics, kindly provided by Google (at least they've dome something useful) We'll give you an overview of the tool and help you star managing your traffic streams.

Promoting Website

Going live with your website will not change your world in a matter of days. Remember how you started your offline business. It took time. However, there are proven promotion techniques that we offer for you in your WebsitePromotion package. But even if you decide not to order these great set of services, we will give a major heads up on how to promote the website yourself both online and offline to get that nice traffic flow to your website coming and growing.

For full description of tools and services we offer to promote your website goto Promote Website.

Why Choose the Best?

RooSoft Consulting is dedicated to providing excellence in IT project management and outsourcing, Website development and website promotion. We pride ourselves on being able to take care of any IT needs your company may have. We are a goal oriented team of professionals. Our goal is to give your business what it needs to prosper.

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